A catalyst for organisational change

Facilitate visible growth in quality & quantity

Harness latent energy within teams

Support leaders who enable others


“In every organisation there is probably 100% more latent energy just waiting to be harnessed. We show you how to activate that energy. You need us to work with you.

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We work with you much as a catalyst does in a chemical reaction.

  • The executive leadership sets the direction.
  • Management provides the framework for improvement and decides who is to be involved.
  • Employees bring insight in to issues to be addressed in a priority order. 

We ask the key questions:

1. Who is doing the value-adding work?

2. Who best knows what is currently happening?

3. What is possible?

4. What needs to change?

5. How do we best approach it?

Transformational change

MDC's systematic approach to management is capable of engaging employees and teams with exceptional results. I recommend Maurice Driscoll Consulting to executives and managers committed to transformational change, who appreciate that an efficient, cutting-edge organisation is one that has everyone involved.

Alan Gorman - President & CEO, Oceanic Iron Ore Corp.

Doubled business productivity

We worked with Maurice Driscoll Consulting during a period of significant change in the world's third largest nickel producer, including the introduction of individual employment contracts and new ways of engaging employees. The broader change strategy more than doubled business productivity and reduced operating costs by more than 40% over a four-year period.

Mark Cutifani - Chief Executive & Chairman, De Beers