About US

Maurice Driscoll Consulting was established in 1992 based on years of experience with mining and production companies across several countries.

We have worked with industry leaders on five continents as catalysts for significantly enhanced organisation performance and benefit.

Maurice Driscoll is an expert in work team engagement and is passionate about creating opportunities for individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. His premise is that work is always fun for individuals who are stretched to capability.

He can show you how to achieve standout contribution from connected people in open, diverse, multi-level, multi-disciplined and multi-functional teams.

Catherine Brackenridge is an expert in Communications (Theatre and Media), Education and Training. Her passion is to see people grow and develop, create and innovate beyond what they thought was achievable.

She provides the means for learning and rapid know-how transfer processes to be fun, memorable and sustainable.

We will show how you can harness your discretionary effort for a much greater return on that investment.

Maurice Driscoll
Catherine Brackenridge

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