We know Mining

Let us demonstrate with this case study.


  • Underground mine located in Northern Canada
  • Daily ore production of approx. 4000 tonnes
  • Shaft hoist capacity at 8000 tonnes per day


  • Sand-fill infrastructure unreliable
  • Unsatisfactory cost and safety performance, in 3rd quartile range
  • Productivity

Key Methodology

  • Effective Questioning Conversations
  • Workforce contribution of work sequence planning an integral feature of the weekly plan


  • Draft 7+21 Day Planning Schedule available with plenty of time for workforce input, amendment and commitment
  • Work sequence and bottleneck issues identified in advance and managed
  • Sand fill line preventative maintenance changed from ‘calendar time’ to ‘volume of sand’ throughput

Mine output increased 92% to 7680 tonnes per day

Outcomes over 18 months

  • Key bottleneck areas in mining production and maintenance resolved
  • Just-in-time delivery of mining supplies from collar house to work areas
  • Mine output increased 92% to 7680 tonnes per day
  • Actual costs reduced to 1st quartile
  • Safety performance significantly improved – 1st quartile

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